The convivial society of Arimatheans was originally conceived by a group of like-minded friends as a recreation of a Georgian dining club.  We were all either historians by training or by inclination and had a common interest in the traditions and history of the British Isles. 

As well as our gatherings being opportunities for wit and entertainment, we were eager that they should provide an opportunity for intelligent discussion and the voicing of opinions.  We have discovered that our members shared a pride in those things that are best and good in our history, heritage, traditions and values, and a belief that a pride in what makes us members of British society leads to that society being more confident and tolerant.  It is the contention of the Arimatheans that these things can have an importance that transcends personal gratification and can enrich the lives of all in this land.  They affirm this in the face of a modern society, which seems to value self-gratification over duty, self-aggrandisement over loyalty, self-advancement over friendship, arrogance over civility and meretriciousness over beauty.  The Arimatheans do not feel wholly a part of a society that appears to value nothing, save that which is puerile and self-serving.

This web site is an attempt to share some of our ideas, and encourage further discussion through our “essays” section, so that the ideals of the Arimatheans may move beyond a small group of historians grumbling into their beers.  We are aiming to speak to a larger community, which we believe is eager for new society based on the admirable lessons that our history can teach us. 

All the opinions expressed in the “Essays” section of this of this site, are those of the individual contributors and are unlikely represent the views of every Arimathean (as is rather necessary for intelligent discussion).  Contributors are advised that opinions expressed should not offend against what is legal or decent or be calculated to give direct and deliberate offence to any visitors to this site.

Welcome to the Arimatheans